Top 10 Commandments for successful affiliate marketing

In this article, I will present the main 10 Commandments for those who are about to start in affiliate marketing.

Affiliate programs, for some time, has become a major source of revenue for digital entrepreneurs and working with online business.Affiliate Marketing

At the end of this article you will be able to implement various strategies that will allow you to start a venture in the world of affiliate programs, building a favorable environment for your success.

In affiliate marketing, an attitude essential to achieve significant results and make their earnings are maximized is to engage with your readers.

Unlike pay per click programs (Pay per Click-PPC) or for viewing/printing (Cost Per Thousand/cost or thousand – CPM), the only revenue generating affiliate programs for those who disclose when an action results in an event that generates a payment.

This action can be the purchase of a physical or digital product, or ongoing online enrollment, etc… But, regardless of the action taken, you don’t get paid until you have convinced your readers to take action.

With that in mind, here are the top 10 Commandments for successful affiliate marketing.

  1. Know your audience

Initially, keep in mind that all the actions taken in any type of marketing and affiliate marketing don’t get out – are directed to people. Anticipate and satisfy the need of their readers is the most efficient way of using affiliate programs.

Make sure that the product you’re promoting has relevance and meets the needs of your target audience. Focus on problem-solving and act as an expert, delivering solutions rather than simply a product.

Imagine the situation where you post content which talks about weight loss and promotes your blog in a link leading to a product of the real estate market. Your audience is searching for information about attitudes that lead to losing weight and not on how to learn to properly evaluate a property to purchase.

So, your articles should be as interesting and relevant as we can, so that your audience take the best advantage of your knowledge, which will facilitate the sharing of information in the circles of the relationship of these readers.

  1. Your public confidence is essential

Don’t underestimate the capacity of perception of your readers. Always keep in mind that they are smart and deserve all our respect. They know very well when they see an affiliate link.

If you promote a product for your reader, believe it or not, if you abuse the promotion of links, trying to take advantage of your visit, he may never come back to your blog or never believe you’ll find relevant content in that space.

The return of your visitors and readers is very important for building your brand, your credibility and for targeting your traffic. Are these readers who will disseminate your content and help other people seek for your information, allowing that your authority over the subject grows every day?

Build a relationship based on relevant content and quality. Do with that what you write some something to the lives of its readers, increasing the possibility of sharing of your articles and engagement with its recommendations.

  1. It will be useful to your audience

The choice by disclosure of affiliate products is also a great way to add value to the content of your blog because when writing about a subject that has relevance to your audience, you still offers opportunities for your reader to access additional knowledge.

Your reader will discover investment opportunities in knowledge in a subject of your interest, which can provide you with personal and professional growth. Your blog becomes then a space with more utility and more information relevant to a particular niche market.

Load your page with dozens of links to products that you even know, hoping to earn money only, with a huge amount of disclosure, does not cause you to achieve success in affiliate marketing. Worse yet, will make your reader does not want to return to your blog.

A simple example that reflects this reality would be to try and sell an e-book only indicating an affiliate link and hoping that, miraculously, your reader buy. Instead, you could write a review about this product and let your reader more comfortable, confident and prone to make a purchase.

  1. Be transparent at all costs

Always be honest and transparent when is disclose your affiliate links. That way anyone visiting your website will see that this is part of your project’s guidelines and can more easily contribute to the disclosure of your content and as a result of your winnings.

Maintaining transparency in the disclosure of your affiliate links, you build an environment of trust with its readers, who will be more inclined to contribute to both the disclosure of your content as with the purchase of a product released by you.

Otherwise, if they notice that you are not being honest and transparent enough about your affiliate links, they won’t have the confidence to share your information and or to buy a product that you have indicated, by better be. They will prefer the direct search by supplier or another article that is most relevant and trusted.

Honesty at this point of your venture is crucial for your readers to become partners in the sharing of information and in the prosperity of their financial gains.

  1. Be careful when choosing

Invest time in research of the problems and needs of your target audience. The information you get with this research will make you be fully able to perform the best choice of an affiliate product.

The relevance and importance of a particular product is known only after know the specific problem this product will solve.

Affiliate programs flood the market with countless new products every day and the perfect choice does not exist. It might take some time until you find the best way to do it and may even be necessary that you do between tests some products until you find the one that best meets the your public.

  1. Try different affiliate programs

If you do not feel comfortable with a certain type of affiliate program, don’t give up. Maybe that is not the program that will make you successful in the world of digital entrepreneurship.

There are differences between these programs with respect to products, market niches, forms of payment, commissions etc.

Test, test and learn. If you get it wrong, try and try again. The learning comes with the constancy of our acts and especially of our mistakes. So the sooner you try and try, the faster you will know if the program works well for you or not. If it doesn’t work, go to a new venture, never losing focus on your reader’s needs.

  1. Generate always relevant content

Regardless of when your content has been written and published, he can continue to have relevance to your audience, if not more prominently on your home page.

The speed with which the information becomes outdated in the world of technology, for example, is impressive. However, your articles may take, at any time, information that enriches the knowledge of your readers.

The use of dates in articles is seen with good eyes by some and not by others. Is the reader, to come across a very old, tends not to perform reading, leaving to other content with the date of publication. Maybe that makes him stop adding important information to your knowledge.

If there is more recent information on the same topic, you can use the feature of inserting links in old articles, allowing the reader that he visit the newest articles and contain the latest information.

Make sure that your articles are always relevant and that add useful information and value to your audience at any time. This will make your blog is always visiting destination on topics to help troubleshoot and allow an increase in the knowledge of your readers.

In addition, there are display capabilities of links to recent articles and related, by means of tags, with the article being read.

In this way, articles that were published years ago continue enabling the generation of leads and business opportunities for your online venture indefinitely.

  1. Patience is a virtue

The marketing done with affiliate programs can be a recurring source of revenue for cumulative and you for as long as a client to use a particular product or service.

The recurring payments usually come from services that charge tuition and pay lifetime commissions. When a new client subscribes to a service that is paid monthly and made through a link indicated by you, even if the client does not return never to your site, you will receive your Commission whenever this customer makes a payment to that vendor.

The links published in old articles are as important as the youngest because remain serving as dissemination source for the products listed and disclosed by you, which could generate new revenue at any time.

Don’t think, however, the affiliate programs as a way to generate quick and easy recipe but with a way to generate passive income (money you earn without spending significant time-source) in the future.

Be patient and persistent in the monetization of the blog your actions.

  1. Keep an eye on trends

The success of affiliate programs takes place according to the affiliates that promote and disseminate policies updates and sale are constant.

Always occur improvements in advertising strategies and sale of products and services by its creators. For anyone who discloses an affiliate product is essential to be made a permanent update on implementation of these strategies and implemented best practices suggested by producers for the improvement of actions carried out by readers, possible future leads and customers.

This allows your affiliate links are always displayed as relevant as possible. Don’t pay attention to the monitoring of trends and not exploit the opportunities can be the difference between success and failure of affiliate marketing.

  1. Content is King?

When we talk about content, maximum persists and is defended by the best of digital marketing. Content is the King. That is, without quality content, your blog, which can be compared to a living organism, can be without the essentials that will nurture you, the blood of the information.

Devote yourself to your content and make it your number one priority. Without quality content and extreme relevance, your readers won’t come and any implementation of monetization strategies will not succeed.

You can find several examples of content that prioritize the affiliate programs to the point, that forgets completely the content and this is a real shot in the foot.

Choose to give more attention to programs and compromising the quality of your content, will cause you to lose your readers or even draw them. And if that happens, no monetization strategy will bring income to your business.



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