How to Build a Conversion Funnel That Will Triple Your Profits

Being an entrepreneur, one should know the importance of marketing their goods and services in the right way. Without a proper marketing strategy, the business would stagnate owing to a limited number of customers. With the competition getting tougher by the day, it is essential to have a stronger sales funnel marketing strategy to rope in maximum customers and stay ahead of the competition.

A sales funnel is named as it is in the form of a diagram of a funnel with the upper end representing a large number of customers and lower end showing fewer customers.

How will a sales funnel help me get more profit for my business?

For a business looking to have both high profit and a huge customer base, a sales funnel can do a lot. A proper sales conversion funnel strategy can help a business achieve the required target without too much hassle.

Below are the five main steps that the business should follow to triple its profit;

An Irresistible front-end offer

Now comes the part where a business has to attract the customers by giving them an opportunity to buy a particular product or service. It can be taken care of by presenting the customers with an attractive front-end offer to make them wait for a back-end offer. The element of getting a better offer will keep the customers waiting for the next announcement, thereby loyal to that particular company.

A Great Upsell Offer on Back-End

Businesses should always be ready to present existing and new customers with an offer to upgrade or upsize the product or service that they have brought with them or are planning to purchase. The company should provide the customers with additional benefits in case they decide to upgrade the existing product or service.

An Attractive Landing Page

The first impression of a business is made by the landing page of the company website. One needs to make sure that the first page of their company is attractive and makes potential customers sign up for a newsletter or updates. It will help them in acquiring contact information, thereby providing a starting point of communication with customers. A good landing page can be combined with a good sales funnel digital marketing strategy to maintain a good online presence.

Offer Downsizing

Downsizing, as opposed to popular opinion, does not represent a failure in presenting the customer with the best product or service. On the contrary, downsizing refers to presenting customers having budget constraints with an alternative for the product that they intended to buy initially. A downsizing strategy should always be in place to keep such customers as potential customers.

Customer Feedback

The final step for having a conversion funnel to maximize profits is to follow up with new and existing customers to ensure their satisfaction with any product or service. One of the ways to ensure this is to provide them with membership-type rewards, it will allow the company to remain connected with customers and inform them about any new offer or service.


Hence, a good sales funnel marketing strategy will help keep the business in not only maximizing profits but also keep a stronger customer base.

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