5 Tested Techniques That’ll Increase Website Traffic Fast

Increase Website TrafficWhat’s the main goal of your digital marketing campaign? It is to boost traffic to your website and try getting quality leads. No one would know your brand or buy from you if they don’t first check out your website and learn more about what you offer and the value you can bring for them.

However, the quality and quantity of website can be quite a challenge. A report by HubSpot claims that 61% of marketers find it very difficult to generate website traffic and leads when asked about the biggest marketing challenges that they face.  Increasing the quality of website traffic requires effort, time and even investment. Nonetheless, it’s achievable when you follow the following 5 tried and tested strategies that are put together by our team of expert content writers.

1.     Streamlined Navigation

Website navigation is one of the most important elements. When you direct traffic to a page, you must ensure a strong navigational setup, allowing the visitors to transit smoothly from one area to another on your website. So, for instance, if a visitor enters your website through the home page, then they have to be redirected to a conversion page, which can be a dedicated sales page or a product page.

When designing pages, please keep in mind that every single page should be accessible in three clicks, at the most. After all, until visitors find the information they need or aren’t convinced enough, they definitely won’t be buying from you.

2.     Content Diversity and Quality

Some time back, a blog may have been enough to generate website traffic and build brand awareness. But in today’s competitive world, you need to share your content across multiple mediums. Let’s also keep in mind that content can be divided into several formats such as articles, white pages, case studies, infographics, podcasts and webinars. Which of these work best for your business? Do some testing, diversify your content, make it shareable, and upload it over various platforms so that you can reach a bigger target audience. Throughout, ensure that you’re messages are clear and consistent.

That being said, if you want to win the content game, bring on board a professional team of content writers who can nail it for you in one go. Professional content writing services include keyword researches, content calendar creation and sharing strategies.

3.     Simplified Design

Website design is another important element. Come up with an enticing, but minimal page design. Put up elements that engage and remove all the clutter so that visitors aren’t pushed away. Obviously, whatever you do must be consistent with your brand, and afterwards, conduct A/B testing to find out what generates quality traffic in greater quantity.

4.     Keyword Research

When will your website traffic convert? When it’s relevant. And how do you ensure relevancy? Professional blog writing services suggest a thorough keyword research. Long-tail target keywords that are relevant to your niche and commonly searched are the most suitable ones. Also, check keywords that are being used by your competitors and start targeting them as well. If you avail professional blog writing services, they’ll research keywords extensively before producing content.

5.     Video Marketing

Video MarketingVideo is a preferred medium for many online users.  Studies claim that over 45% of people watch videos for more than an hour daily. Another research claims that featuring videos on landing pages can increase conversions rates by nearly 13%. Furthermore, Google ranks pages with videos higher, which definitely means greater visibility and hence, greater traffic.

But remember that your videos shouldn’t be longer than 2 minutes or most of the people would leave midway.

So which of these strategies worked the best for you? Do let us know!



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