August 12, 2017

Write for Us

If you like to publish your articles on this site, I’d be happy to accept guest post related to content marketing and technology stuff. Once, I receive your article, I will reply you as soon as possible. Before you submit a guest post, be sure to read the terms below:

Article Quality: Articles should be a minimum of 600 words and should cover the topic in detail. Make sure to add at least 2 images to back your message.

Self-promotion: You can only add at most two backlinks to your site in one post. Of course, you can also add more links to authority sites. It is most welcome if you could also add some internal site links.

Copyright: Make sure the article you submit is genuine and not copied.  By submitting a post to Chrunos, you give the copyright ownership of the post and relevant images, videos, etc. to the owner of the blog.

You can either register as a contributor or submit your content through the form below.

No more than 160 characters (including space).
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