Free Download Any Music on iPhone with These 5 Siri Shortcuts

Have you heard of Siri Shortcuts? If not, you have missed a lot. Shortcuts is a new feature in iOS as a replacement of the Workflow app for automation. The standalone Shortcuts app can do many things including downloading music free.

Here in this article, I will show you 5 great shortcuts and each one can help you download free music on your iOS device.

You probably know YouTube Downloader shortcut to download music videos and save the audio file only. You can use the Files app to listen to these songs offline, but it still sucks because you can only pick one song to play at a time. It will be great if you can make a playlist of the downloaded songs and play it.

Don’t worry. I get you covered. I will show you how to do that as a bonus at the end of this article, so stay with me.

Shortcut # 1: Deezer Downloader

Have you heard Deezer a music streaming service provider? If not, it is totally ok because there is no need to get the application or create an account in order to download music from Deezer.

Open the Shortcuts app, and run this shortcut. Then type the song name that you want to download. It will return several results, just select the one you want to download. Then it asks if you want to convert the audio format.

After that, you can select a location to save this music file. You can pick a location in a cloud drive that is connected to the Files app.

If you don’t want to get prompted to specify the location path every time, just toggle off the option on the Save File action and grant access to the destination path.

Of course, if you do use Deezer, you can copy the song link from a web browser and run this shortcut to free download music. You can select the original format so it will be quicker.

If you have the Deezer app, you can also run this shortcuts you can also run it from the share sheet.

Shortcut # 2 SoundCloud Downloader

You probably have heard SoundCloud. This shortcut simply allows you to download songs from SoundCloud without a Paid Go account.

As the Deezer Music Downloader, you can copy the song link from a browser or tap the share button from the app to run this shortcut.

Shortcut # 3 YouTube Downloader

There are many youtube downloader shortcut but most of them cannot download music videos. So I think it is necessary to include a working YouTube music downloader here.

The 1080P video does not have sound. Some 720P videos do not have sound either. I have also included them in the shortcut. It is your choice to select the video quality to download.

Shortcut # 4 YouTube Playlist Downloader

You may have collected a few playlists on YouTube. It is really inconvenient to download songs one by one. In that case, you need to get this shortcut.

I think you probably don’t want to be prompted after downloading one song, so I have minimized the options, which means you will not be able to select video quality. The shortcut by default will pick the highest video quality with sound and save videos to Camera Roll. You can change the default location to Dropbox or iCloud.

This shortcut will automatically check if there is already a downloaded one in Camera Roll. If it find a match, it will automatically neglect this one and download the next one.

If you intend to download the audio only, there is another shortcut. If needed, you can change the audio format between M4A or AIFF. If you are using Workflow app, you can also select the MP3 option. Then, you can specify a destination path to save the music file.

Shortcut # 5 MixCloud Downloader

I made this one recently. I saw someone ask for this. Probably not many people use MixCloud. I will simply share this for you.

After download all these music, I have a bonus shortcut for you to play all the songs. Let me show you how it works.

Bonus Shortcut: Play all music in the iCloud

Just change the default location to pick songs from Cloud Drive(iCloud or Dropbox). Then run this workflow. You can play songs in a random order or play the top one first. Certainly, this is not as good as any music player, but it will do the job.

That’ s all the shortcuts for downloading music on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch for free. Hope you find them useful. If there is any problem, let me know in the comments section.

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