4 CRO Tools to Save the Day for Your SEO Efforts

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) and SEO are often said to be the two inseparable of analytics. Internet marketing pairs the latest tech with analytical finesse. Advertisers and leading brands like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Tesla have launched a dual CRO and SEO campaign. It is driving sales and conversion rates upwards by the day.

Why do you think that’s happening?

A closer look into your SEO strategies and the link between CRO and SEO is the answer. Read on to know how digital tools for CRO can help your SEO plans for 2019.

How CRO and SEO BOTH matter for conversions?

If you think you have nailed your SEO game, then think again. Google is a master at rolling out algorithm updates frequently. It sometimes turns months of SEO planning and strategizing to nothing. We have all been there, so we know how it feels. However, no matter what the point of contention is between CRO and SEO, there simply cannot be one without the other.

You would need viable SEO strategies to get more people on your landing pages. Use CRO stats wisely, and you will be able to convert more than before. But if you goof up at this stage, no amount of awesome SEO strategy can help you!

The wisest thing is to optimize your pages so that you drive more traffic through SEO tactics. Then you have to create a clockwork-smooth conversion roadway using CRO means to reap the fruits of your SEO efforts.

For example, a website offering assignment help needs to create an attractive landing page to ensure that people come to that page. Once they attract the visitors, their CRO efforts will determine the rate of conversions and the cost-per-click factor. Even the most alluring looking website runs the chance of ending up with poor conversion rates. So, both the ends need to work with precision.

4 CRO tools to amp up your SEO game


  • EyeQuant


EyeQuant, as the name goes, caters to the visual factors of your website. It provides data on the hotspots of your site that attract the most interaction with the users. EyeQuant reports come in forms of heatmapping techniques that highlight the areas of concern. Display elements are crucial when it comes to online advertising. Internet marketers could benefit a great deal from this clever design-inclined tool.

The key features of EyeQuant are:

  • Banner ad display monitor
  • Landing page image analysis
  • Instant feedback on pages

Attention Maps of EyeQuant are a unique way of showing which areas of the landing page are working fine for you. That way, you will be able to devise a better SEO plan for the times ahead. Design references and the main points that can be made more appealing to the visitors also show up in the EyeQuant analysis.


  • Crazy Egg


What sets Crazy Egg apart is that it provides an insightful analysis of user behavior. Its “confetti map” shows the click and interactive actions of users who are logged in at the moment of testing. What makes the analysis even more interesting is that the Crazy Egg lets you test the logged in user behavior with those who have logged out. It gives a better understanding of the action history of the user.

The key features of Crazy Egg are:

  • Click behavior analysis
  • User action reports
  • Action mapping visuals
  • Segmenting users employing JavaScript
  • A/B testing sans a software purchase

Crazy Egg is a crazy budget-cutting tool too. It saves your SEO team a pretty load of time and money from having to get A/B testing software. With a deeper understating of the click behavior of users, it shows which areas SEO should focus on. Separating clicks by users into categories is also a fun feature of Crazy Egg. It lets you divide clicks into categories such as device type, keyword, and referral source, to name a few. Crazy Egg is the one you should go for if you take customer user tracking factors a little seriously.


  • Hotjar


Hotjar is arguably the most effective CRO solution available right now. Along with uber cool features, this tool lets you analyze data collection on a whole new level. Repetitive data is a strict no-no as far as Hotjar is concerned. It allows you to put smart sampling techniques to let you be the one controlling data input. It also makes those reports come out real quick!

Key features of Hotjar are:

  • Records of visitors
  • Visual heatmaps
  • Polling
  • Form analytics
  • Funnel tracking of conversions

Providing hot and cold spot insights to your website, Hotjar lets you analyze where you need to be working on. It also shows where you are doing well so that you can reinforce those parts as well. If Solid CRO is your roadmap for 2019, then Hotjar might just be the one for you!


  • Optimizely


A multivariate, multipage, and A/B testing platform, Optimizely is all good things rolled into one. Optimizely’s paid subscription attracts the niche of the CRO development and analytics team. Don’t want to code? No problem. Optimizely will come to the rescue. Run custom tests with experiments and traffic allocation through Optimizely for a better grip at CRO strategies.

The key features of Optimizely are:

  • A/B testing elements
  • Premium services with subscription
  • Variation in testing to improve results
  • Custom segments and audience
  • Running self-coded experiments

Testing two versions of the same content is a cakewalk when you have Optimizely. Use the tool and you never have to worry about cloaking issues at all. It also makes sure to test until the results show a significant feature. The variation of user behavior and the fluctuation in the conversion rates of your website is included in the reports.

Parting words

Genuine information is the key to a successful SEO campaign. Using CRO tools available online can be an excellent medium for conducting a crucial study of your online performance. Go through the list of tools discussed in this post. You are sure to find one (or maybe more) that fits the bill of your internet marketing plans. Investing in a robust CRO tool can take your company way forward, edging out quite a few on the road. Plan for the future, for it is 2019, and jump the CRO bandwagon. With intelligent planning and marketing device, may the future be all yours!

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